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Date Night!

I’m a firm believer in eating dinner with your significant other every night possible- it’s so important to make that time for each other, and what better time to unwind and catch up than over dinner?  But between my 9-5, marathon training, cleaning the apartment, blogging, and the countless, random errands that need to get done during the week, it gets tough to find time to sit down each night and really enjoy dinner with my other half without all of the distractions- let alone go out to dinner during the week.  So last night, I brought date night home.  Forget the fact that we didn’t get to eat until 9 at night (this is pretty much the norm)…it was a nice surprise for him, and I had fun putting it together!

Mom instilled in me the importance of an appetizer when putting together a special meal.  And I’ve decided that Gouda is the hands down the best cheese in the world.  So, a plate of Gouda and Multigrain & Flaxseed Water Crackers (TJ’s, of course), with a side of Lemon Madeleines candle, started our night off right.  What’s date night without a little candlelight?



We’re salad lovers, so I put together a colorful arugula salad topped with yellow peppers, grape tomatoes, red onion, and blue cheese as the first course.


I’ve slowly realized that I reallyyy don’t like store made dressings (I have about 6 open bottles in my fridge that I’ve used once and decided were disgusting), so I’ve moved on to making my own.  It’s so easy, so much better for you, and tastes amazing!  I like to call this one my “house” dressing- half balsamic vinegar, half sunflower seed oil, and a healthy spoonful of Dijon mustard.  Delish!


I was in a huge rush last night to put this together (and we still ate at 9- side note to work on time management skills), so I kept things simple and made pasta for the main course.  I’ve been on a corn pasta kick for a while now (initiated by my gluten-free stint), so I cooked that up and topped it with TJ’s Rustico Pomodoro Pasta Sauce, spiced up with fresh garlic and parsley- one of my favorite “semi-homemade” tricks is taking a quality jar sauce and adding fresh ingredients to really make it my own.  So good!


And for dessert…well in my opinion, who needs dessert when you can have a glass of vino?


The food was great, the mood was 100% romance (thank you Otis Redding Pandora), and we had a perfect little at home date night.


Tonight, Dylan’s turn to do the cooking ;)



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